Best Omelette Makers (UK) (2024)

Who doesn’t love an omelette, am I right? Well, I, like you, love omelettes, but I am not the best at cooking these eggy delights.

If your omelettes could use some work too, maybe we just aren’t using the right tool for the job.

Instead of struggling with a frying pan and a grill or even trying to flip the omelette in the pan (that is a disaster waiting to happen), why don’t we just use an omelette maker? After all, its life’s purpose is to make delicious omelettes!

The Best Omelette Makers in the UK

1. Salter EK2716 Dual Omelette Maker 750W

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This omelette maker is so easy to use. Turn it on (it heats up in a few minutes), mix up your omelette, add your cheese, your peppers, and your mushrooms—however you like your eggs in the morning.

Place that omelette mixture into the maker, close the lid, make a cup of tea, open the lid and serve your omelette.

It is that easy to make an omelette in this thing, plus it can also make cakes and pastries too!

To make this omelette maker even more awesome, it has two sides. So, you can make your omelette the way you like it and then make an omelette for a fussy person as well.

Both omelettes will come out perfect, slightly brown on top but with rich yellow eggs in the middle. This is basically a sandwich toaster for eggs, and we love it!

2. TECHEF Omelette Pan

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Now, we know that an omelette making machine is going to take up a bit of room in your kitchen cupboards.

If you’re lacking a bit of cupboard space already, give this pan a try. This is actually a frittata pan, but it makes an amazing omelette as well.

This pan works very similarly to the omelette making machine above. Just pop all your omelette ingredients in the pan, close the lid, heat on the hob and get ready for some fluffy omelettes.

This has a brilliant non-stick coating that works so well that you’ll feel as though it’s been designed for eggs!

Something to bear in mind with this omelette pan is that you do need to flip the whole thing.

Flipping the pan takes some practice, but it can be done. You must become one with the eggs, and remember, with great omelettes comes great responsibility.

3. Quest Non-Stick Dual Omelette Maker

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Here we have another brilliant omelette making machine. And it’s super easy to use.

Just plug in the omelette machine and let it heat up. Grab your omelette ingredients; this is a great time to experiment with your eggs.

Give everything a good whisk, pop it in the omelette maker, close the lid, leave it a few minutes and you’re done.

The omelette will be golden brown and beautifully warm in the middle.

If you love a cheese omelette, this style of omelette maker is a brilliant choice. This one has ceramic hotplates that are non-stick. So, the eggs won’t stick to them, and neither will the gooey cheese either.

Eggs and cheese are notorious for sticking to just about anything they touch, but not here.

You can wipe this omelette maker down with a damp cloth and go on with your day with a belly full of delicious omelette.

4. Progress EK4354P Non-Stick XL Multi-Grill

Now, so far, we’ve focused on one or two omelette lovers in a household, but what if the whole family are omelette lovers? Well, this is the omelette maker for you.

This is basically two large ceramic hotplates that close in and give your eggs a big hug.

You can use this to make omelettes plenty big enough for a family of four. You can use it for cooking pizzas as well.

It is 32 cm in diameter, so there is plenty of room for as many eggs as you can handle.

What is great about this omelette maker in particular, though, is the adjustable height settings. As this is designed to cook a lot of different meals, you can adjust the heat according to what you’re cooking.

5. Global Gourmet by Sensiohome Omelette Maker

Lastly, we have another awesome omelette maker in the side-by-side style. These omelette makers seem to be the most popular type, and we believe it’s because everyone has a favourite omelette and so this can cater to two people at once.

Or, if you want to enjoy two different omelettes at once, nothing can stand in your way now. You have a machine designed for that very purpose.

Once again, this omelette maker has non-stick ceramic hotplates on the top and bottom. So, cleaning it is nice and easy.

It also features a stay-cool handle for easy operation. And operation is really easy. Mix your omelette ingredients together, pop them in the maker, close the lid, wait a few minutes and serve!

We hope this look at omelette makers has helped you rediscover your love for this wonderful dish.

We love the Salter Dual Omelette Maker. As someone who has a partner who has very strange tastes in omelettes, I can say that it has saved an argument or two about how a proper omelette should taste.

For more kitchen appliances that you simply shouldn’t live without, check out the rest of Chef’s Pick. We have everything a home chef needs to make the most out of their kitchen right here.

Best Omelette Makers (UK) (2024)


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