Top 5 Math Websites Your Students Will Love - Teach Without Tears (2024)

As teachers, we are constantly looking for fun and engaging ways to help our students learn. These math websites will keep your students engaged while you work with small groups. They’ll love playing the games, and you’ll love the data they give you.

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Top 5 Math Websites

#1 – Prodigy

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My students absolutely love playing Prodigy! They even choose to do it during indoor recess.

Why Students Love It:

  • Prodigy is set up like a video game.
  • The game allows the students to interact and “battle” with each other.
  • They have lots of choices – different avatars, worlds, and bonuses.

Why I Love It:

  • My students are engaged while practicing math skills.
  • Prodigy is free! (There is a paid version, but it just lets the students earn extra bonuses. Some of my students purchased it at home.)
  • Students take a pretest, and the program differentiates the practice problems based on individual needs.
  • The teacher can assign specific math skills based on what is being taught in class.
  • Prodigy provides lots of data in the “Reports” section. I use that data to create my guided math groups.

What I Don’t Love About It:

  • Sometimes it seems like there is more playing involved than actual math practice.

How Do You Sign Up?

  1. Go to the Prodigy website, and click “Get Your Free Account.” Enter your information, and create an account.
  2. Write down your class code.
  3. Have the students go to the website. They will click “Get Your Free Account” and select “Student.” It will walk them through setting up their accounts.
  4. Give them the class code to enter when they are prompted. That way they will be added to your class, and you can give them assignments and track their progress.
  5. Have the students write down their usernames and passwords. They will need those to play next time.

#2 – Khan Academy

Before we discovered Prodigy, Khan Academy was my students’ favorite website to practice math skills.

Why Students Love It:

  • They love earning energy points and badges for answering math problems correctly.
  • They can choose what skills to practice.

Why I Love It:

  • The questions align directly with Common Core Standards, and you can see which domains students have mastered and which ones they still need to practice.
  • Khan Academy is completely free.
  • It keeps my students engaged while I meet with my guided math groups.

What I Don’t Love About It:

  • The students can practice skills that aren’t at their level. They can go back to lower grades and do really easy problems or ahead to higher grades and try to solve hard problems.

How Do You Sign Up?

  1. Go to the Khan Academy website. Click “Teachers, Start Here”.
  2. Create your account. You will be given a class code.
  3. Send the students to the Khan Academy Login page. They can click “Log In With Google”. Then, have them enter the class code, so you can see their data.

#3 – Freckle

Freckle has a reading program in addition to a math program. Both are great for center time.

Why Students Love It:

  • They earn coins for solving math problems correctly. Then, they can spend those points in the Piggy Store and design a character and a house.

Why I Love It:

  • I can choose the type of practice I want to assign. “Adaptive Practice” gives the students a pretest and differentiates their assignments. “Targeted Mode” allows me to assign specific math skills that we’re working on in class. “Fact Practice” just reviews basic math facts.
  • There are separate “Inquiry-Based Lessons” that make students apply math skills they’ve learned. They watch short videos that explain what they need to do. My enrichment guided math group loved doing the multiplication lesson at their problem solving center!

What I Don’t Love About It:

  • There are limits to the free program. You can only post one assignment at a time. That means if a student hasn’t completed the previous task, you have to delete it to give the rest of the class a new assignment.
  • You can’t access past data with the free program. The only scores you can see are for the one assignment that is currently active.
  • Some of the “Inquiry-Based Lessons” are only available in the paid program. My school piloted the paid version of Freckle last year, and it was definitely worth it for these lessons alone. I’m hoping my administration decides to purchase it for our district this year.

How Do You Sign Up?

  1. Use my referral link to go to the Freckle website. By using that link, you will get a free month of the School Edition of Freckle. Click “Sign Up Free.”
  2. Enter your information, and create a class by inserting your students’ first and last names. Freckle will give you a class code.
  3. When the students are ready to sign in, they will go to the website and click “Student Sign In.” Then, they will enter their first and last name and the class code to get started.

#4 – XtraMath

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XtraMath is a program for practicing basic facts. It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Plus, you can mix up the different operations.

Why Students Like It: (They don’t love this one, but I do.)

  • They like seeing how they did that day. XtraMath shows a color based on how quickly students answered problems that day. If they do really well, they get a green light, yellow for okay, and red for not so great. Once I started giving out stickers for green lights, they worked much harder to earn one.
  • They like when they’ve mastered an operation. Once they know all the facts, XtraMath provides a certificate for each student. They love collecting those certificates!
  • They like seeing their overall progress. When my students weren’t very motivated by XtraMath in the beginning of the year, I decided to visually show their growth. I started a chart in the back of my room to show XtraMath progress. My students love watching their butterflies move up as they master more facts.

Why I Love It:

  • Students master their math facts much faster with the daily practice of XtraMath.
  • It is completely free!
  • The data allows me to see how quickly students are mastering their facts. If their percentage doesn’t increase for a few days, I can find other ways for them to practice their facts.

How Do You Sign Up?

  1. Go to the XtraMath website. Click “Sign Up.”
  2. Type in your information and create your class. Each student will be assigned a pin number.
  3. When the students are ready to log in, they will click “Sign In.” They will enter your email address, their name, and their pin number. Luckily, they can save all of this information, so they can sign in quickly at the beginning of the technology center.

#5 – Sumdog

Sumdog is a fun, game-based math program.

Why Students Love It:

  • The games are like a video game, and they’re lots of fun.
  • They can buy things to decorate their characters and houses.
  • They can play against other students.

Why I Love It:

  • It is a great program for center time and keeps the students engaged.
  • I can create assignments based on what my students need to practice.
  • The math program is completely free.

What I Don’t Love About It:

  • Sometimes my students spend too much time playing in their house and buying decorations instead of doing the math problems. There is an option on the Teacher Dashboard to close the house, so I’m going to try that this year.

How Do You Sign Up?

  1. Go to the Sumdog Website. Click on “Sign Up”.
  2. Choose “Teachers” and fill out your information.
  3. You will create your class by entering your students’ names, and each student will be given a username and password.
  4. When students are ready to start, they will go to the Sumdog website and click “Log in”.
  5. They will enter their username and password.

Watch the video to join me for a tour of these math websites.

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Set Up Your Technology Center

Using these 5 math websites will make it easy for you to set up your guided math technology center. I put the links to the websites on a Google Slide in the order I want the students to complete them. Then, I assign it in Google Classroom.

Want to Learn More?

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What Do You Think?

What math websites do your students love?

Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Top 5 Math Websites Your Students Will Love - Teach Without Tears (5)Tracey says

    I like Reflex too. My principal gets it for us but I heard Reflex gives grants each year to classrooms. You may want to look into it.


    • Top 5 Math Websites Your Students Will Love - Teach Without Tears (6)Tara Dusko says

      I will have to check into that! XtraMath is good, but it’s just not fun for the kids.


  2. Top 5 Math Websites Your Students Will Love - Teach Without Tears (7)Terry Shamley says

    Mobymax is an excellent K-8 math website, which has reading and science too!


    • Top 5 Math Websites Your Students Will Love - Teach Without Tears (8)Tara Dusko says

      I’ve heard of Mobymax, but I’ve never used it. I’m going to check it out right now. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. Top 5 Math Websites Your Students Will Love - Teach Without Tears (9)Lori says

    What a great list to get started with! We’ve tried out Prodigy Math but it wasn’t too our liking, we’ve enjoyed other sites more. Beestar has been on the top of our list and we have enjoyed it with all the math concepts and reading concepts it has been able to teach the kids.


    • Top 5 Math Websites Your Students Will Love - Teach Without Tears (10)Tara Dusko says

      Hi Lori! I agree that there are better websites than Prodigy. My students really enjoyed it, though, so I used it as an early-finisher activity. I haven’t used Beestar yet. I’m going to have to look into that one. Thanks for sharing!


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Top 5 Math Websites Your Students Will Love - Teach Without Tears (2024)


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