'Waffle' answers & hints for today's game on July 4th (2024)

Welcome back to another guide for the daily Waffle, now up to edition number 895 of the fantastic word puzzle game.

As everyone will probably be used to by now, but for any newcomers, I solve the Waffle each day to keep both mine and your streak alive and update this guide, which firstly provides some hints in case you want another shot at solving it yourself, followed by the answers.

Here's some hints for today's game


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Below you will find a list of hints for each of today's Waffle words. To help decipher which word is referenced in the grid, we've put together the above image that shows you which row we reference as each of the words number below, with rows one to three being the verticals from left to right and rows four to six being the horizontals from top to bottom.

Here are all the clues that you will want for today's Waffle answers:

  • Word #1: One vowel, 'a board game for two players, each beginning with sixteen pieces.'.
  • Word #2: Two vowels, 'frequently; many times.'.
  • Word #3: One vowel, 'a household appliance that removes the water from clothing.'.
  • Word #4: One vowel, 'a group of people congregated or collected into a close body without order.'.
  • Word #5: One vowel, 'a doorway that provides a means of entering a building.'.
  • Word #6:Two vowels, 'a device that uses hydrophones.'.

Hopefully, with these clues, you'll be able to figure it out on your own, but if you're still stuck, the answers are just below.

SPOILER WARNING: Only proceed beyond this section if you are wanting to see a complete list of the Waffle answers today, as we have got all of the solutions listed for you below.

The answers for today's Waffle

Here's the solution to keep your streak alive, both written down and in the image below, which you'll see I managed to get the win with five swaps remaining:

  • Word #1: CHESS
  • Word #2: OFTEN
  • Word #3: DRYER
  • Word #4: CROWD
  • Word #5: ENTRY
  • Word #6: SONAR

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With these answers, you'll be able to keep your swaps number as low as possible, which will certainly maintain your streak and impress whoever it is you need to impress!

Now you've got the answers, there's also a list of answers to the game's most popular frequently asked questions below, but just in case you want help on any other popular word games that we solve each day, we also have the daily updated Contexto answers, as well as New York Times very popular Connections answers. If you need help with something niche as well, we also cover the Loldle answers and Nerdle answers. If there are any games we don't cover that you would like help on though, drop us a message via our Contact Uspage.

What time does Waffle reset?

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By default, Waffle will reset at midnight in the GMT time zone, although you can change this to midnight in your local time zone if that suits you better. However, you will need to finish your current game of Waffle before you can do this, as otherwise, that can cause some issues.

This schedule is perfect if you're wanting to integrate Waffle into your daily routine of word games, as it means that there will be a new challenge to tackle every morning as you wake up, or one waiting for you to work your way through during the day.

Can you play Waffle more than once?

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Unfortunately, the standard Daily Waffle is only available to play once per day, but there are a few alternate routes that you can take if you can't get enough of the game.

You can always open up an incognito window on your browser to have a go at the game again - although this will have the exact same answers and will not be able to track your streaks in any form.

Alternatively, you could try out the Deluxe Waffle, which provides a larger, more complicated 7x7 grid for you to figure out. This is much harder to complete - even with the increased number of swaps - but it will be perfect for the hardcore Waffle lovers out there.

How to play Waffle

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To jump straight into Waffle all you need to do is head to the game's homepage, from which you will be greeted with the Daily Waffle game. From there, you can select the menu by pressing the three lines in the top left, or you can start playing immediately.

While Waffle can look a little complicated to a new player, it is thankfully rather straightforward, fusing elements of the popular Wordle and crossword formulas we all know and love. If you're a first-time player though, you might still want to check out the Waffle rules below:

  • You will need to find the correct word for each of the six rows that span both vertically and horizontally across the grid.
  • Letters in the correct place are indicated with a green tile, letters that are part of the correct word but in the wrong place are indicated with a yellow tile, and incorrect letters are marked with a grey tile.
  • If a yellow tile sits at the intersection between two words, that means that it features within both but is in the incorrect place.
  • Move the letters around the grid to complete the words, but each time you swap a letter a turn will be used.
  • The highest scores are reserved for those who can get all answers in as few turns as possible.

You will quickly get the hang of the rhythm, and hopefully move through the grid at a pace, but if you ever get stuck just remember that we've got all of the answers above.

What are some other games like Waffle?

The closest games to Waffle are undoubtedly Wordle or Octordle, as it almost acts as the point in the middle of those games where you've got half a word and the rest to figure out.

A large part of the fun with Waffle comes from the challenge of juggling six different words at the same time, and it can be incredibly satisfying to have those green boxes line up like a Rubix cube near the end.

Furthermore, Waffle's other clear influence comes from the standard crossword games that have been loved for over a century now. While there are no clues to guess from and the letters are already there, the juggling of cross sections will definitely delight any crossword lover.

So, that's everything you need to know if you were looking for theWaffle answers today, letting you complete the daily puzzle and keep your streak alive.

If you also play other word games in your daily routine, make sure to check out our dedicated homepage for more guides and answers.

'Waffle' answers & hints for today's game on July 4th (2024)


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